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12 Benefits of Keeping Cats in Islam - askmeprice

Islam encourages all Muslims to love and care for animals. Among the many animals on this planet, the Prophet (s) loved cats the most. He also kept one while he was alive. One day, the cats fell asleep in the bathrobes that the Prophet would have used to plead. But he decided to put on another bathrobe to make sure that the cat wouldn't be woken up.

Seeing exactly how the Prophet (saw) also had his cat, there should be many benefits of having a cat in Islam. Besides, cats are clean pets and the Prophet didn't mind eating them from the same glass as him.

Unfortunately, there are a lot of people who are detrimental to cats. Below are the many benefits of having a cat in Islam:

1. Getting Rewards from Allah SWT

Cats are pets that were loved by the Prophet (s), to ensure that Allah SWT also takes care of them. Whoever feeds a cat and takes good care of it, then is doing a great deed and because of that, he will get a reward from Allah SWT. Also read: How to Get Great Charity in Islam

2. Following the Prophet

While the Prophet (s) was alive, he kept a cat named Muezza. The Prophet is generally understood to be very fond of his cat. In life, we are informed to follow in the footsteps of the Prophet. Owning a cat is one of them.

3. Have a Protector at Home

Dogs should not be kept in your house because they are filled with uncleanness. Although dogs are useful animals as guardians of your home, Muslims should not have them. However, cats can already be used to protect your home.

4. Protect Us from Various Other Animals

Cats are very helpful pets. can protect us from various other animals, including dangerous ones. Cats can eat snakes in addition to smaller animals such as insects, mice, and others that may disturb the comfort of your home.

5. Not Unclean

As a Muslim, you shouldn't have to worry about cats. One of the advantages of keeping a cat in Islam is that it is not unclean. Cats are the same as humans because the Prophet (s) also consumed from the same glass as cats.

"They (cats) are not unclean, but are among those who walk among you." - Tirmidhi

6. Doing Good Because of Allah SWT

"Those who are kind and considerate to Allah's creatures, Allah bestows His goodness and mercy on them. Show kindness to the creatures on earth so that Allah will be kind to you.” (Abu Dawud and Tirmidhi)

7. Adding a family of House Members

Having a cat in Islam is the same as having one more relative in your home. Cats should not be treated cruelly even if they are pets. It should be treated, looked after, and fed as if it were our own family.

8. Cats are Purity

As narrated by Humaidah bint Ubaid container Rifa'ah (RA) there is a story where a man takes ablution from a splash that a cat has consumed before and he emphasizes the purity of the splash, where the Prophet stated that the splash was pure.

“Verily the Carrier of Allah (saw) declares 'This is not unclean, it is only one of them that roams among you.'" (Tirmidhi)

The Best Way to Deal with Cats in Islam

If we have chosen to keep a cat in our home, we must take care of it in the right way. Cats were pets that the Prophet (saw) liked so much that he was called the "Father of Cats". Here below is the right way to raise a cat.

1. Feed Well

Cats must be well fed and anyone who starves a cat to death will be punished. As narrated by Abdullah (RA) that the Prophet (saw) stated,

“A woman was tortured because of a cat that she locked up to death and she had to go to Hell. He did not allow him to eat or drink because he was confined, nor did he release him so that he could eat the insects of this earth." (Muslim)

2. Not Consuming Cat Meat

Humans are allowed to eat pet meat but cats are not included. It is a grave offense to slaughter a cat and eat its flesh.

"The bearer of Allah (peace and blessings of Allah be right after him) restricts the eating of cats and from their expenses." (Tirmidhi)

3. Not to be Traded with Cash

Cats are not items to be cared for and traded for cash. It's okay to give it away for free to someone else or get it as a gift, but not for sale.

From Abu'l Zubair:

"I asked Jaabir about the price of fangs and cats. He said, 'The Prophet (SAW) forbade that.'" (Muslim)

4. Give Freedom to Roam

If you don't have a cat in your house, let him roam. Confining cats continuously is stealing freedom and is not allowed in Islam.

After reviewing all the benefits of keeping a cat in Islam, Muslims should understand that cats are not only allowed but also encouraged to be kept in their home. Besides being helpful, cats can reduce stress because of their adorable appearance and playful habits.

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