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15 Cool Technical Gifts for Homes on Your Shopping List

The holiday is designed to bring joy, happiness and all these warm feelings. But giving can quickly become stressful if you don't have enough ideas.

Fortunately, some things have universal appeal, such as technical devices. They're useful, they can make life more efficient, and let's face it, they're cool.

We scoured the internet looking for great tech home products that anyone could use. Homemade gifts are especially helpful this year, given that many of us have spent more at home than usual over the past year. Whether you're looking for something small and practical, like a shower speaker, or something more impressive, like a powerful portable projector, we have 15 interesting gifts for the home. Your list.

1. Portable projector that turns any space into a mini home theater

This device is slightly larger than a can of sparkling water, but don't let its appearance fool you.

2. Multi-port USB hub that charges multiple devices at the same time

Help them save power outlet space and minimize cord confusion with this charging port. With several standard USB ports, it's a practical gift for any gadget-loving person.

 3. A smart garden where plants and herbs are grown indoors

Who doesn't love greens and vegetables? This self-watering home garden can easily grow herbs from the comfort of their own kitchen, so they can enjoy fresh basil and tomatoes or other foods they want to grow throughout the year.

4. Alarm clock that wakes up naturally

Our bodies wake up naturally from sunlight thanks to our circadian rhythm, but certain conditions, such as work schedules, late night, prevent us from truly getting up when the sun rises. Such an alarm clock that simulates sunlight will help you wake up easily. Light, which gradually becomes brighter, is much more pleasant than the sharp noise of a regular alarm clock.

5. A robot vacuum cleaner that will clean the floors with minimal effort

Can clean carpets and hard floors with minimal effort.

 6. Digital photo frame to display all your favorite photos

Framed photography is one of the most unusual ways to decorate a space. Nowadays, it's easy to take quality photos on smartphones, but most of those photos remain in phone libraries or possibly end up in a Facebook album or Instagram post. Give friends and family the ability to share all of their favorite shots in one shot with this digital frame that cycles through their favorite shots in a continuous slideshow.

7. Waterproof speaker to relax in the shower

There's a reason singing in the shower is cool. This speaker is waterproof, wireless.

8. A smart TV that already has all your favorite streaming apps built in

With plenty of streaming service options that offer great content and a lower price than cable, many these days are giving up cable and saying goodbye to it forever. If you know someone who has just turned off or is planning to turn off cable TV, a smart TV is a great gift. Once connected to your Wi-Fi, it gives them access to all the most popular streaming apps for music, TV shows, and movies.

9. Interactive tablet is a new virtual assistant

This device is a kind of symbiosis between the speaker and the tablet. With the voice assistant, you can control your smart home, access your calendar and reminders, watch the news, ask the weather and get a visual answer, among other things, on this display.

10. Soundbar that can compete with home theater systems

If you're looking for a gift for an audiophile, here it is. Even though this soundbar is expensive ($41,000), it delivers high-quality sound, works like a smart home hub, and is just over 60cm wide, making it an effective choice for those with little space.

11. Electric corkscrew for wine

No one really needs an electric corkscrew for wine, but once you get such a corkscrew, you'll never have to mess around with a manual wine corkscrew and cork again. It sounds good, and the wine connoisseurs in your life will be delighted with it.

 12. Smart thermostat, which can reduce the electricity bill

Everyone likes the idea of saving money, especially with minimal effort. A smart thermostat learns what temperature should be in the house and adjusts it.

13. A small device that heats, cools and purifies the air

If you want to splurge on a really useful technology, this device is a great choice. It is powerful enough to heat, cool and purify the air in an indoor area of up to 37 square meters – this is enough to cover most of a small city apartment. This device supports Wi-Fi and can be controlled using an app or voice.

14. Video intercom to know who is knocking

Indoor security cameras are great for surveillance inside a home, but a video intercom is a great way to see what's going on right behind the front door.

 15. Phone charger, which will also disinfect the most commonly used devices

We use our phones every day, charge them every night, but we clean them... never. Phones are quite dirty, so anyone can use this disinfectant that cleans their phone when it's charging at night. The germaphobe in your life will thank you seriously for this.

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