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Best Plans for Cheap Cell Phones (Less than $40 per month)

The best data-intensive plans prove that you don't have to spend a lot of money every month if you need a data-intensive plan. By expanding the scope of your search beyond major mobile operators, you can find a plan that's as rich in data as its monthly price is low.

In fact, we're willing to bet you could spend as little as $40 a month on the best cheap phone plans and still get enough data to meet your needs.

In some cases, that's a lot of data, and you'd be surprised how much you can buy for $40—as it turns out, unlimited amounts of data from some wireless carriers. Other times, you can stretch your dollar even further by choosing a plan with less data, which will just as slightly affect your monthly budget. Because if you don't need all that data, why spend extra on it?

As part of our search for the best cell phone plans in general, we've been keeping a close eye on the best data plans for cheap cell phones up to $40 per month. Our search takes into account the merits of prepaid and postpaid phone services and also checks whether MVNO is worth the money. As it turns out, you might be just as surprised as we are at what you can get for $40 or less, including unlimited mobile phone plans from some carriers.

With the iPhone 12 and Galaxy S21 topping the list of affordable smartphones, maybe you're looking for a new cell phone plan, especially one that helps you save money. But even if you stick with your current phone, it might be worth considering one of the best data plans for cheap mobile phones that exist right now.

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Best Cheap Mobile Phone Data Plans

The best tariff plan for cheap cellular communication:

Mint Mobile | 4GB | $15 per month- Mint Mobile's best data plan for low-cost cellular service

currently stands out as the best overall cost when it comes to cheap cellular data plans. Choose the 4GB option and you'll only pay $15 per month. However, it's important to note that Mint Mobile's best pricing requires some flexibility from you. After a three-month discount, you'll save the best price when subscribing to the annual service. You can also choose a three- or six-month plan. Mint also includes hotspot features and access to 5G.

Pros: Very affordable, decent amount of data

Cons: Offers change after 3 months View offer

The cheapest data plan for cellular communication

Tello Economy | 1GB | $10 per month- Cheapest Cellular Data Plan When it comes to a new cellular data plan, Tello offers the cheapest of the cheapest...

but it's a bit limiting. You only pay $10 a month, but you'll only have 1GB of data. For that price, however, Tello offers unlimited calls and text messages, a free mobile modem, and no contracts to connect you. In other words, it's the perfect plan for anyone on a tight budget who doesn't need a lot of data. Right now, new customers are paying $7.50 per month for the first six months of service before the $10 monthly rate takes effect.

Pros: Cheapest Cellular Plan, Unlimited Calls and Text Messages

Cons: Very Limited Data View Deal

Excellent price from one of the main telecom operators

T-Mobile Connect | 2.5GB of data | $15 per month is a low-cost cellular plan from a reputable carrier

The two above plans offer some of the lowest prices, but for better coverage and access search plan, one of the major wireless carriers should be on the go. This T-Mobile Connect offering currently provides you with 2.5GB of data at a price of $15. Although this is a small amount of data, T-Mobile will increase the amount of data by 500 MB annually. T-Mobile's price also includes unlimited calls and text messages and access to 5G. However, once you reach the data volume limit, you'll have no data until the next cycle starts, instead of just limiting the speed.

Pro: Low cost, 500 MB of data increases annually

Against: The amount of data has run out once you reach the Limit of View Offer

Best Cheap Plan with Extensive Coverage

Verizon | 5GB prepaid | $40 per month — Verizon's

best coverage plan and cheap — aren't two words that can often be found next to each other, and at first glance, the price of its 5GB plan can't compare to the best data plans for cheap cell phones. But withdraw $5 for signing up for the auto-payment system, and your monthly fee drops to $35. Verizon will then cut another $5 if you stick to the plan for three months, plus another $5 for nine months. This increases the cost to $20 over time. The main bonus of this plan is access to Verizon's best speeds and excellent 5G coverage (although only prepaid customers with a more expensive unlimited data plan can access Verizon's fastest 5G).

Pros: Excellent coverage and speed, monthly rate decreases

over time Cons: Not the cheapest prepayment in the area View offer

Cheapest unlimited traffic

You can see | unlimited data | $40 per month— The best unlimited, prepaid traffic within Visible's budget

isn't exactly laid out on prepaid plans, and you'll find yourself limited to just one option. The good news is that one of the options available is pretty big —unlimited data for half of what you'd pay from a major carrier. Plus, as a Verizon MVNO, Visible uses Verizon's high-speed network, and you can even access 5G depending on which phone you're using.

Pros: Very affordable, unlimited 5G

traffic Cons: There are cheaper prepaid plans, 5G data speed is limited View deal

Best Cheap Cellular Plan for Switches

T-Mobile's Metro | Unlimited Cell Phone Plan | $25 per month is a great deal for switches

We usually recommend the Metro By T-Mobile plan for $40 per month, which includes an impressive 10GB of data. But right now, the time-limited promotion is too good to give up if you get wireless service from Boost or Cricket. Switch to Metro, and the carrier will cut half of its unlimited plan, charging you just $25 a month; you'll also get a free Galaxy A32. It's an in-store deal, and the price could go up in 24 months, but it's a very good price with unlimited data.

Pros: Taxes and fees included in the price, free phone, uses T-Mobile

Cons: Speed slows down if T-Mobile is overloaded, price could rise in 24 months View offer

Best Cheap AT&T Cellular Plan

AT&T | 8GB prepaid for 12 months | $25 per month- Great value for money at AT&T

Usually major carriers avoid offering cheap cell phone plans, and yet, this AT&T prepaid plan offers great value for money. For just $25 a month, you get 8GB of data. While it's not as cheap as Mint Mobile or Tello, it's a great price for AT&T. While you can pay per month for one time —AT&T charges $30 per month for 5GB and $40 for 15GB, but investing throughout the year can give you a better price.

Pros: Primary Carrier, Good Data Volume at Price

Cons: Better Price Requires Longer Contract View Deal

What to Look for for Cheap Cell Phone Plans

Obviously, price will be paramount when considering a cheap cell phone plan. After all, if money doesn't matter, there are plenty of expensive plans that will provide the maximum amount of perks and data.

But price is not the only criterion to pay attention to. You'll need to consider who provides the best cellular coverage in your area, and whether the discount operator you're considering uses that carrier's network. With the exception of AT&T, T-Mobile, and Verizon, none of the discount operators mentioned here have their own network. Rather, as mobile virtual network operators, or MVNOs, they use cellular networks created by one or more major carriers. Some carriers, such as Republic Wireless and Google Fi, are also moving calls and text messages to Wi-Fi when they're available, as part of their efforts to reduce monthly costs.

You'll also want to look at the variety of plans each carrier offers, as well as the ability to upgrade to a different plan if your conversation, texting, and data needs change. We've focused on private plans, but if you're looking for the best family cell, a pricing plan, find out if the carrier offers discounts on multiple lines. While perks aren't usually included in cheap cellular data plans, see if there are any additional benefits, such as access point data.

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