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iOS 16 update is out: what's new? - askmeprice

In this update, Apple added customization of the lock screen, live notifications, the ability to send photos as a sticker in Telegram, and much more.

photo: apple

On the evening of September 12, Apple released new versions of its two operating systems - iOS 16 and watchOS 9. To update, just go to the "Software Update" section in the settings. 

The operating system update is supported from iPhone 8 and above: 

• The entire line of iPhone 13

• The entire line of iPhone 12

• The entire line of iPhone 11

• iPhone XS

• iPhone XS Max

• iPhone XR

• iPhone X

• iPhone 8

• iPhone 8 Plus

• iPhone SE (2020 and 2022) 

As you can see, five smartphones disappeared from the support pool: the entire line of iPhone 6s, 7, and the first generation iPhone SE. 

Lock screen customization

For the first time on iPhone, you can customize the lock screen. Now you can create several different themes for yourself and attach to them not only the image but also focus modes (turn off some notifications, hide unnecessary applications). At the same time, iOS 16 has learned how to make beautiful wallpapers from personal photos - a neural network algorithm is used for this. Apple also added some of its space object templates for animated wallpapers. They are updated dynamically - for example, the illumination of the planet changes depending on the time of day.

New kind of notifications

We are talking about Live Activities. These notifications are not static, they do not disappear from the lock screen and are updated by showing the progress of a football match or, for example, food delivery by a courier. And also messages on the lock screen have been taken down, so now it’s easier to reach them with your finger. 

iMessage Updates

Apple continues to refine the messenger and add useful features: edit messages, delete them, mark them as unread, and scroll through voice messages

New features in the gallery

Recently deleted photos are now protected with additional verification. Thus, you can give an unlocked phone to another person - for example, to show pictures, but he will not be able to see frames from Recently Deleted. 

The system has learned to recognize objects in photos - they can be selected and sent to the chat as a sticker or added to some collage. 

The Live Text function has learned to see the text from the video. And if you point the phone at the price tag in foreign currency, then he can immediately offer to recalculate it at the current rate.

As well as dozens of other small improvements:  the ability to share tabs in the browser, complete control of the Apple Watch from the iPhone for people with disabilities, Face ID now works in landscape mode, the ability to automatically limit surveillance from another family member in case of domestic violence, in the settings you can see the wifi password. 

The full list of changes in iOS 16 can be viewed on the Apple website.

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