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Western Governors University: The World Leader in Online Degrees

Western Governors University is the first and largest university dedicated to bringing high-quality, competency-based online degrees to students across the country. Since 2000, WGU has served more than 100,000 students by offering a fast and affordable path to a degree in areas of study like business, IT, software development, nursing, and many other fields. WGU does this by removing barriers that most traditional universities have put in place: expensive tuition, lengthy Commencement ceremonies, inconvenient class times and locations, restrictive transfer policies... you get the idea. Instead of these barriers to success in education, WGU offers accessible online coursework that can be completed at your own pace. Western Governors University was founded on three principles that remain at its core today: accessibility; effectiveness; and efficiency. These principles reflect WGU’s mission to democratize a high-quality college education through online competency-based learning so it is available to anyone who wants it—and that means you!

WGU’s Commitment to Accessibility

WGU’s commitment to accessibility means removing obstacles that may prevent students from pursuing a WGU degree. This starts with tuition that can be as much as 80% less than a standard university. WGU’s tuition has remained the same since 2010, and the university has no plans to raise it in the future. WGU also removes barriers by accommodating students’ busy lives by allowing students to complete coursework whenever and wherever it is convenient for them. You can even start to earn your degree before you finish your high school diploma. Once you complete your GED, you can apply to WGU and begin coursework toward your degree.

WGU’s Commitment to Effectiveness

WGU’s commitment to effectiveness means that the university uses an accelerated blended approach to learning that allows students to advance at a pace that is appropriate for them. This means that students move through coursework at their own pace, and they can opt to take extra time on coursework if they need it. All classes at WGU are self-paced and competency-based. In other words, you don’t have to fit your learning into a pre-determined schedule. You can complete coursework as quickly as you are able. You are also assessed based on your knowledge, not a pre-determined timeline.

WGU’s Commitment to Efficiency

WGU’s commitment to efficiency means that the university operates with a high level of efficiency and effectiveness. WGU’s online learning platform, the WGU Flow system, allows students to easily track their progress through the online coursework. Flow tracks each assignment and due date, and it allows students to easily see which courses they have completed and which courses they still need to work on. The WGU Flow system also creates an academic transcript that allows students to easily track their progress and see how close they are to earning a degree. And when it comes to academic and financial advisers, WGU has a growing network of advisers that are ready to help students be successful.

WGU’s Process for Success

When you start your WGU journey, your first step is to take the WGU Assessment. This assessment is a series of online tests that will tell you what your strengths and interests are. Based on these results, you will be connected with career coaches who can help you choose the best degree path for you. WGU’s degree paths are based on broad subjects, like Business or Information Technology. Within these degree paths, you select one or more “pathways” that represent a specific field of study. For example, within the Business degree path, you can choose the Entrepreneurship pathway or the Healthcare Administration pathway.

How You Earn Your Degree at WGU

WGU has eight-week semesters with one-month “semester” breaks between each term. During the “semester” break, you will have access to the online classroom and course materials, but there will be no grading or coursework assignments. During the eight-week semester, you will have access to your online course materials and an online discussion group as well as online tutoring. You complete coursework by studying the materials, taking quizzes, and doing online assignments. WGU uses a grading system that is similar to an “S” system. For example, if you earn 90% on an assignment, it will be recorded as an “S” (for “satisfactory”).

The Bottom Line

There are many reasons to consider Western Governors University, including its affordable tuition, commitment to accessibility, and high graduation rate. WGU offers a high-quality education that is recognized by employers across the country. If you are interested in pursuing an online degree, WGU is the place to do it.

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