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About Us

Daftar Isi [Tampil]
Askmeprice stands as one of the top websites in the field of consumer technology, dedicated to empowering individuals with a comprehensive understanding and optimal utilization of technology.

At Askmeprice, we deliver the latest and most captivating technology news to our audience via our website and app. Our goal is to help users make an informed decision by providing them with in-depth reviews, while producing the best videos on the technologies that really matter to everyday consumers.

Our ultimate goal is to impact the life of every technology consumer, enabling them to extract the maximum potential from their devices.

Originally founded in 2009, our journey began as a passion-driven endeavor. Over time, that turned into a responsibility, driven by a desire to assist individuals in utilizing technology in the most efficient way possible. If you are interested in learning about our incredible evolution from humble beginnings to becoming a leading and responsible technology website, you can explore and follow on our social media links.

As per current statistics, Askmeprice is actively serving more than thousands of users across all our platforms, and our reach is growing rapidly. Our audience is made up of technology enthusiasts, early adopters, influencers and end consumers looking to enhance their technology experience.