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New App Support and Exciting Features for Samsung Galaxy Watches

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New App Support and Exciting Features for Samsung Galaxy Watches

ASKMEPRICE.COM - Samsung is gearing up to unveil its next-gen Galaxy Watch 6 series, and in preparation, they have announced a slew of new app support and exciting features. This move aims to enhance the overall user experience for both the upcoming lineup and the existing smartwatches. Let's delve into the details of these enhancements and what they mean for Galaxy Watch users.

New Apps for Galaxy Watches

Samsung has recently introduced several new apps that will enhance the functionality of Galaxy Watches. These include the Samsung Wallet app, the Thermo Check app, and support for a new WhatsApp app for WearOS. Notably, WhatsApp has also announced the launch of a new app specifically designed for Wear OS 3.0 and the upcoming WearOS 4.0 watches.

Enhancing Temperature Measurement with Thermo Check

The Thermo Check app introduces advanced capabilities that utilize the infrared technology present in Galaxy Watches. Developers can now take full advantage of this technology to measure temperature accurately. Leveraging Samsung's Privileged Health software development kit (SDK) in combination with the latest Skin Temperature API, users will not only be able to monitor their body temperature but also gauge the temperature of their surroundings and objects they interact with.

The impressive feature of this app is its ability to provide temperature readings without making direct contact with the object. This means you can easily check the temperature of your food, drinks, chairs, and other objects without physically touching them. Initially available with the Galaxy Watch 6 series, this feature will later roll out to Watch 5 and earlier models.

New App Support and Exciting Features for Samsung Galaxy Watches

Seamless Communication with WhatsApp

The upcoming Galaxy Watch 6, as well as Series 5 and Series 4 smartwatches, will gain improved integration with WhatsApp. Users will be able to respond to messages instantly, send new messages, and manage calls on the go. Moreover, the update allows users to send voice notes, making communication more convenient and efficient.

The addition of Samsung Wallet brings exciting new possibilities for Galaxy Watch users. By consolidating Samsung Pay with Samsung Pass, users will now be able to make payments directly from their watches. This convenient feature makes shopping and transactions hassle-free. Additionally, Samsung Wallet lets users store and access official Government IDs and view essential commuting details such as flight tickets, ensuring all crucial information is easily accessible on the go.

Emphasizing Software Upgrades

Samsung's commitment to improving the software experience for its users is evident in these updates. Not only is the focus on enhancing the capabilities of the latest Galaxy Watch 6 lineup, but Samsung is also ensuring that previous models like Watch 5 and earlier receive these exciting upgrades.

With Google's promise of significant battery life and optimization improvements in WearOS 4.0, Galaxy Watch users have much to look forward to. The combination of top-notch hardware and advanced software promises a seamless and enjoyable user experience.

Anticipating Samsung's Unpacked Event

As the much-awaited Samsung Unpacked Event approaches, anticipation is mounting. Make sure to stay tuned as we will bring you live coverage of the event. In the meantime, share your thoughts on the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Watches and how excited you are to try out these new software features, especially the enhanced WhatsApp integration, on your smartwatch!

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