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Next-Gen Galaxy Watch 6 Series: Unveiling Samsung's Latest Smartwatches

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Next-Gen Galaxy Watch 6 Series: Unveiling Samsung's Latest Smartwatches

ASKMEPRICE.COM - Samsung recently hosted its highly-anticipated Galaxy Unpacked event, where it took the tech world by storm by introducing its cutting-edge Galaxy Watch 6 Series. As expected, the series includes the all-new Galaxy Watch 6 and the classic Galaxy Watch 6 Classic, which brings back the iconic rotating bezel. Let's dive into the impressive features and specifications that these new Galaxy smartwatches bring to the table.

Galaxy Watch 6 Series: Unveiling the Specs and Features

The Galaxy Watch 6 Classic marks the triumphant return of Samsung's rotating bezel, a rumor that had been circulating for quite some time. Both the Galaxy Watch 6 and the Watch 6 Classic boast a 20% larger circular display with 15% thinner bezels, providing a more immersive user experience.

The smartwatches feature a 1.5-inch Super AMOLED Sapphire Crystal display, and there's also a 1.3-inch size option available. The display offers up to 2000 nits of brightness and supports the Always-on-Display (AOD) functionality. Users can personalize their watches with a wide range of watch bands, with over 700 combinations to choose from, catering to individual preferences.

Samsung has made significant improvements in sleep tracking with the new Galaxy smartwatches. Users can access detailed Sleep Score factors such as total sleep time, sleep cycle, awake time, and more. Additionally, the watches come equipped with a Sleep Coach that uses sleep insights to help users achieve a better sleep cycle. Furthermore, the Galaxy Watch 6 series can adjust the settings of connected devices to create the perfect sleep environment.

When it comes to health monitoring, the Galaxy Watch 6 Series excels. It features an SpO2 monitor, an ECG sensor, and a heart rate sensor. Notably, it also offers the new Irregular Heart Rhythm Notification feature, which keeps track of heartbeats for Atrial fibrillation (AFib) even during sleep. Users can also measure their skin temperature, a feature also present in the Galaxy Watch 5 Series, and track menstruation cycles. The introduction of the new skin temperature API utilizes advanced infrared technology for precise readings. Furthermore, the Galaxy Watch 6 Series includes Fall Detection, ensuring that users are alerted to any potential falls while sleeping or exercising.

The Body Composition feature provides valuable insights into skeletal muscle, basal metabolic rate, body water, and body fat percentage. This information proves helpful in setting and monitoring fitness goals. Moreover, the new Personalized Heart Rate Zone feature offers five optimal running intensity levels based on the user's physical capabilities, empowering individuals to set up and achieve their fitness objectives effectively. With over 100 sports modes available, the Galaxy smartwatches cater to various activity tracking needs.

Under the hood, the watches are powered by the Exynos W930 chipset paired with 2GB of RAM and 16GB of storage. They run on the latest Wear OS 4 with One UI 5 Watch on top, ensuring a smooth and efficient user experience. The Galaxy Watch 6 and Watch 6 Classic come equipped with LTE, Bluetooth 5.3, Wi-Fi 2.4+5GHz, NFC, 5ATM, an IP68 rating, and GPS support, making them feature-rich and versatile wearables.

New Features and App Support

Samsung's dedication to enhancing the user experience extends to the inclusion of several handy apps and features. The Galaxy Watch 6 Series comes with the Samsung Wallet, WhatsApp, and Thermo Check apps, as previously announced. In addition, the watches will soon support the Audible app, offering users access to a vast library of audiobooks. Furthermore, the Galaxy smartwatches feature Samsung Knox for enhanced security, an improved Camera Controller for effortless photo-taking experiences, and the Auto Switch feature, enabling seamless device pairing with the Galaxy Buds 2 Pro and other compatible devices.

Price and Availability

The Galaxy Watch 6 Series is competitively priced, making it accessible to a broad range of users. The Galaxy Watch 6 starts at $299 (~ Rs 24,500), while the Galaxy Watch 6 Classic starts at $399 (~ Rs 32,700). Pre-booking for both models has already begun, and they will be available for purchase starting from August 11. The Galaxy Watch 6 comes in two sizes, 40mm (Graphite and Silver colors) and 44mm (Graphite and Gold colors), while the Galaxy Watch 6 Classic is available in 43mm and 47mm sizes, offering Black and Gold colorways.

In conclusion, Samsung's Galaxy Watch 6 Series undoubtedly raises the bar for smartwatches, offering an impressive array of features and specifications to cater to users' diverse needs. Whether you prioritize health tracking, personalized fitness goals, or a seamless user experience, these Galaxy smartwatches have something to offer for everyone. With their stylish design and advanced capabilities, the Galaxy Watch 6 Series is set to outshine the competition and make a significant impact in the world of wearables.

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