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Exploring the Anticipated RTX 50 Series GPUs by Nvidia

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Exploring the Anticipated RTX 50 Series GPUs by Nvidia

ASKMEPRICE.COM - The hardware industry is abuzz with discussions about Nvidia's upcoming RTX 50 series GPUs. Recent leaks have unveiled five distinct variants, each adopting a new architecture for the next generation of graphics processing units. This lineup is poised to cater to a diverse range of users, spanning from enthusiastic gamers to those seeking entry-level affordability. These GPUs are set to succeed the existing Ada Lovelace architecture that currently powers the RTX 40 series GPUs. Here, we delve into comprehensive details regarding the highly anticipated RTX 5000-series graphics cards.

Leaked Variants of Nvidia RTX 50 Series

Initiating from a forum post on, an insightful leaker ignited discussions about the forthcoming GPUs' features. Subsequently, leading hardware resource Videocardz reached out to the well-regarded Nvidia leaker, kopite7kimi, who corroborated the authenticity of the forum post leak. Additionally, they shared an SKU list of the impending Nvidia RTX 50 series GPUs, meticulously outlined below.

GB207Entry Level / Budget
GB202Ultra Enthusiast
The RTX 4090 model derives its foundation from the AD102 graphics processor, which operates on the Ada Lovelace architecture. Correspondingly, the leaked variants are systematically categorized from the entry-level tier to the ultra-enthusiast tier. A notable observation from this leak is the absence of the GB204 component, implying that Nvidia might be considering a modification to its nomenclature convention.

Notably, kopite7kimi also disclosed the memory interface details of Ada-Next (the successor to the RTX 40 series, rumored to bear the moniker "Blackwell"). This revelation was substantiated by insights gathered from multiple credible sources, affirming the adoption of a 512-bit memory interface.

Projected Release Timeline for Nvidia RTX 50 Series

Anticipating the release dates of the RTX 50 series GPUs prompts us to analyze NVIDIA's historical release patterns. Traditionally, NVIDIA adheres to a 24-month cycle for introducing new GPU iterations. However, the current landscape offers a departure from the norm, with leaked information indicating a prospective 2025 launch for the RTX 5090 model and other accompanying graphics cards.

This leak surfaces from, who shared a roadmap disclosed during a collaborative session between NVIDIA and MLCommons. The roadmap unequivocally earmarks Ada Lovelace-Next for a 2025 introduction.

NVIDIA’s Roadmap Till 2026 (Source:

As a noteworthy aside, it's worth reiterating that Ada Lovelace-Next is speculated to adopt the name "Blackwell," aligning with the variant codenames that were inadvertently revealed in the earlier mentioned table. 

The snippets of information we've gathered so far about the imminent RTX 50 series GPUs are undeniably exhilarating. For a comprehensive perspective on the RTX 4060 Ti (8GB variant), feel free to peruse our detailed review, available here. We're intrigued to hear about your aspirations for the forthcoming GPU lineup. Kindly share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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